Construction Tips

Tips for Managing a Preconstruction Meeting

After a long sit down with my fellow buddy Arturo of GT Roofing Repair Company this past weekend, he shares with me that having a pre-construction meeting is aimed at ensuring that all players are on the same page before a major construction project starts. During this meeting, the players discuss the project plan and roles to avoid issues, conflicts, or unwanted surprises. Here are useful tips to help you manage your pre-construction meeting effectively. 

Send Invitations 

If you are about to start a residential construction project, invite both spouses, the architect and contractor as well as anybody else that will play a role in the project. You can also invite a neighborhood representative. Also include the foreman that will be at the construction site every day. If it’s a commercial property, invite the building owner. Inviting all the players involved in the project establishes communication between them. 

Get Ready for the Preconstruction Meeting 

Get all materials as well as information ready before the meeting. This includes information on schedule, contract, architectural design, and materials. List custom materials, their ordering and the delivery process. You can also have a design plan in hard copy or in digital format. Having the necessary information ready before the meeting will make it run smoothly. 

Analyze the Contract 

Take time to analyze the contract carefully. Make sure that every party is okay with every aspect of it including payment schedule. Additionally, find out what the contract covers and what it does not cover to avoid exceeding the budget or questions that you might be unable to answer. 

Check Responsibilities 

The main purpose of a preconstruction meeting is to ensure that the building owner, homeowner, and contractor know their responsibilities. Therefore, make sure that you have complete and clear divisions. For instance, decide who will be responsible for signing off approvals and the obligations of the owner in terms of payment. Additionally, coordinate timely delivery of materials to avoid delays. 

Outline the Project 

The owner should know how long the project will take. They should also know what can disrupt the project or cause delays. Have all this information to make it clear during the preconstruction meeting. 

When held properly, a preconstruction meeting gets all participants on a similar page. This is very important because it leads to the achievement of the best results from the project.